a team in last year’s robotics class forgot to comment out a line of joke code so during the final their robot completed the assigned task in autonomous mode, stopped directly in front of the professor, printed “HEADED HOME, MOTHERFUCKERS” to its LCD, and drove back to base




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She SLAYED that.



 Heath Ledger

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farmers collect marigolds which are then sold wholesale and made into garlands for the durga puja festival, which ended last week, and upcoming diwali festivities held in two weeks. photos by (click pic) channi anand on the outskirts of jammu; rajesh kumar singh in lucknow and jammu; vivek prakash in mumbai; sudipto das in panskura; jaipal singh in kashmir; rupak de chowdhuri and dibyangshu sarka in kolkata; and abhishek n. chinnappa in bangalore

On “just” working for money


I’m fucking tired of people saying that you shouldn’t do sex work if it’s “just” for the money. That’s what a job is, you prick. Every single person in the world works “just” so they can clothe, feed, and shelter themselves. Stop acting like sex workers need some noble, higher cause to justify their work because apparently refusing to live in poverty isn’t a ~*good enough*~ reason to hustle.



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